Golden Hearts respond to the Tears of Friends-in-need

Last year, I wrote a story about visiting the Mshimbakye and Nundu Clinics during my trip to eastern Congo. My blog-post described the local conditions and the realities on the ground in relation to health and education. As I wrote about my experience, I did not realize how deeply people would be touched by what I shared. I too returned from my trip with a deep sense of compassion and care for the people of that community. My trip included times of great sorrow and of great joy.

Our friends in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, face many challenges related to the vastly under-resourced health care system and paling local institutions. There continues to be a lack of access to adequate and quality care. This includes care for those who need it most, in a region troubled by persistent conflicts and exhaustive insecurities.


This past Sunday, just over one year following my return from that trip, I received a call from a friend in Denmark. This friend is the founder of an N.G.O located in Denmark. He told me about how the story I wrote had touched his heart and moved him to want to help the people of eastern D.R.Congo. The N.G.O  “Nif Foreningen”  has been able to help people in other countries, and they have the capacity to assist in the areas of health and education. He told me that my post, along with the pictures I shared, inspired them. They sent people from their N.G.O to go see for themselves the hospitals in that area, they also approached the Danish government to request support for their initiative. The Danish government responded positively and provided some assistance to the NGO’s project. After all their work, they were able to ship a container full of medical supplies including hospital beds, fridges for storing medicine, used-wheelchairs, and many other health-related goods and equipment.

I wanted to write this follow up post, to show my gratitude. I am in awe that people have responded with such care for others. I hope that we will continue to think of the people in the eastern DRC. This very generous act will not suffice to solve all of the issues in the local health care system, but it will do well to help people who are in need and the medical professionals seeking to provide them with care. Anyone who wishes to help can contact Baraka Victory Centre  about getting involved –

More stories to come…


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